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Swakara pelts fetch higher price at Copenhagen auction

Swakara pelts fetch higher price at Copenhagen auction

Swakara once again made its mark at the international pelt auction in Copenhagen, Denmark last week where 100% of the offering was sold for an average price of N$500.94 for the 52 221 pelts.

The pelts sent to the auction by Agra Pelt Centre increased in price by 7.44% compared to the auction in September 2016 where an average price of N$466.25 was achieved for a total of 46 426 pelts.

This year’s consignment consisted of 35, 11 880.white, 3 554 spotted and 809 diverse pelts. The black top lot was sold for N$1197.59 to Konstantinos from Greece, a loyal client of Swakara. The white top lot was purchased by Suzanne Ribak, also a big Swakara buyer from Germany, for N$1 468.02.

The average price achieved for black Swakara pelts was N$439.93, an increase of 13.3% compared to September 2016; white pelts achieved N$807.79, an increase of 2.3% compared to September 2016 while lower prices were achieved for the spotted pelts that were sold for an average of N$166.59 compared to N$304.33 in September 2016 and diverse pelts sold for N$177.15 compared to an average of N$235.82 in September 2016.

The auction was attended by 75 clients and 28 successful bidders buying Swakara. The buyer who bought the most Swakara pelts was Yoshitake Ninomiya from Japan who bought 7970 pelts followed by Carlo Guida who bought 5653 Swakara pelts.

Although a higher price, an increase of 21% was paid in Danish Krone, the performance in Namibian dollars was affected by the exchange rate of 1.9257NAD/1DK.

Swakara however did well compared to the performance of mink that showed a 3% decrease in their average price achieved and a sales percentage of 72%-93%.

The Swakara team who represented the industry in Copenhagen, Wessel Visser, Jaco van Zyl, Julene Meyer and Slava Motinga said they were happy with the fact that all the Swakara pelts were sold and the increase in prices paid for both the black and white pelts.

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