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Public to give opinion on government services

Public to give opinion on government services

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) this week said that enumerators of the 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey are expected to go in the field by the end of this month.

The survey to be conducted is in line with the Harambee Prosperity Plan sub pillar of Improved Performance and Service Delivery under Effective Governance pillar one.

In a press statement the OPM said the purpose of the Survey is to gauge public perception on services delivered by the Government.

“Under the Harambee Prosperity Plan it is envisaged that the Annual Citizen Satisfaction Surveys will be carried out in the public sector to measure among others, turnaround times and accessibility,” she said.

According to her, to achieve this outcome, the Office of the Prime Minister has developed a Citizen Satisfaction Survey tool and ensures that the survey is independently administered and analysed on an annual basis.

“The ultimate results of the survey will be analysed and remedial measures implemented in subsequent years and the survey result will be made public,” she added.

Shaanika said the 2017 Survey will draw a national representative sample from 14 regions and 3,740 households expected to be visited with estimated 18,700 questionnaires to be completed.

“Only Namibian citizens aged 21 and older, will be eligible to participate in the survey. The services provided by Government Ministries and Agencies will be evaluated and the performance of some State Owned Enterprises and regional and local authorities will also be assessed,” she added.

Meanwhile, Shaanika said it is estimated that the findings of the survey will be presented to key stakeholders within government during August 2017.

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