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Embassy gives financial aid for future German teachers

Embassy gives financial aid for future German teachers

Four Namibian students have received funding from the German Embassy to help them qualify as teachers of the German language.

The German Ambassador, HE Christian Schlaga recently handed over an amount of N$107,550 to the Arbeits-und Fördergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine in Namibia (AGDS), as tuition fees for four students to pursue careers as educators.

Schlaga said the lack of qualified teachers is one of the main challenges faced by the Namibian educational system hence the need to avail the scholarships in the field of education studies.

According to Schlaga, for many years the German Embassy and the AGDS has been providing scholarships to local students studying for a Bachelor of Education for primary and secondary school level.

Last year Bianca Menne, Svea Oestlund and Ilze Schumann received the scholarship from the German Embassy. With the financial contribution from Germany, the AGDS this year was able to support six new students with scholarships.

“I would like to thank you for your support for the teachers in Namibia. Without the support of the AGDS and the German Embassy, my dream to become a teacher would have to be postponed for several years,” said Janka Mosich, one of the scholarship holders present at the hand over.

Ambassador Schlaga emphasized the importance of the teaching profession and encouraged students to teach in rural areas for some years after the completion of their studies, since a lack of teachers is most pronounced there.

The AGDS is the umbrella organisation for seven parents’ boards, representing ten schools where German as a First Language is taught. Currently, 14 students are provided with bursaries, who in exchange agree to teach German as a mother tongue or German as a Foreign Language at one of the AGDS schools for some years once they have completed their education.

The AGDS, with support of the German Embassy, makes an crucial contribution to support the career development of new teachers in Namibia.

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