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Protest against construction of MTC masts

Published in the Namibia Economist edition of Friday 03 August.
With reference to the above in which the article in question bring forth developments pertaining to the Bowker Hill issue – of which it infers that MTC is going on with the construction of the new BTS – despite a court interdict and signed petition by residents of the area in question.
Without being far from the truth, MTC is indeed busy constructing the towers, however we take exception to the fact MTC was not contacted for comment or opinion by the reporter in question to provide new facts as well as supporting point of view that would have allowed for well-informed article. There has been new developments and those are not reflected in the article.
Moving forward, we stand ever ready to assist in the provision of information to our media practitioners – if clarity or comment is sought – as at MTC we believe in transparency and the flow of information to our stakeholders – hence we urge at all time that journalists are free to solicit comment from us – as opposed to ran a story unaccompanied by comment of the other affected party – especially when the matter in question is such of nature that has enjoyed a balanced public and media coverage over the years  such as the Bowker Hill issue.
John Ekongo
Corporate Communications Practitioner
Mobile Telecommunications Ltd
(Letter published as is – language and grammar unedited – Ed.)

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