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Ricoh SA to introduce new products in Namibia

Ricoh SA to introduce new products in Namibia

Office automation company, Ricoh South Africa has announced plans to introduce new products into the Namibian market through Canocopy, one of the leading print management and office automation companies and the Authorised Distributor for Ricoh products and solutions in Namibia.

Canocopy has shown phenomenal growth and was named Ricoh SA’s Business Partner of the Year in 2016. The company owns the Namibian market and has exceeded all its targets in recent years.

Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA, said together they plan to increase the exposure of Ricoh products and solutions to a range of new clients throughout Namibia.

“I have never seen a business partner own a market like this one, they have an exceptional eye for marketing, for looking after customers, for winning business in their market,” he said.

Canocopy managing director Werner Lassen said for more than a decade, the company aimed to stay ahead of its competitors and leverage its leading brands with superior service delivery.

“In the modern digital world and through smart partnerships and business alignment, we are no longer merely just another copier company. We are a distinctive leader of print management solutions and a business enabler to our valued customers, old and new,” he said.

The synergies derived through the provisioning of world-class technologies, inclusive of print management and managed print services, firmly strengthen the positioning of Canocopy at the leading edge of managed technology services. Customers will now benefit from existing relationships and have exposure to a wide variety of additional services and products.

“In the current economic climate, it is crucial to sustain the phenomenal growth of recent years. With our repositioning, we have gained direct access to a much wider client base and established business relationships, which will stimulate further growth,” he said.

The smart solutions designed and implemented by a highly experienced and competent merged solutions team, will also provide the customer with an integrated solution with a solid value proposition.

“We’ve built strong relationships with our customers in Namibia, which is immensely important in every market but particularly here. We have a strong service ethic and some of the best technical people in the business. Our staff turnover track record speaks of the lengths we go to, to keep our valuable employees happy,” he said

“We have also focused on giving back to the community because business in Namibia is very much community-based. As a result, we’ve been involved in charities, school donations and more,” he added.

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