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EzyStove on display at Climate Change Knowledge Fair

EzysStove(Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

EzysStove(Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Award winning energy efficient stove, EzyStove, an initiative by the Creative Entrepreneurs Solutions (CES) based in Ondangwa and Swedish company, Ergonomidesign, is currently on display at the ongoing Climate Change Knowledge Fair at the Habitat Research and Development Centre in Katutura,Windhoek.
The project was established in collaboration with local urban and rural women as part of the UNDP GEF-SGP Community –Based Adaptation to Climate Change Pilot Programme.
The escalating rate of illegal logging of wood for cooking purposes and the frequent and severe flooding contributed by climate change, hence the idea of a biomass cook stove. EzyStove is designed according to the wishes of women community members. It is user-friendly and easily assembled. The stove reduces wood consumption by two thirds and reduces emissions of smoke by 60 to 80%. Cow dung and crop residues can also be used in EzyStoves.
According to Marie Johannsen, CEO of CES, there are currently 475 EzyStoves being distributed for testing in areas such as Gibeon, Windhoek, Outapi and Opuwo amongst others. “It costs N$130 to make these stoves but they will be sold at a mere N$55. We are trying to produce 400 000 stoves to reach 200 000 homesteads and in the process produce 300 jobs for Namibians,” Johannsen informed the Economist.
Johannsen added that the aim of CES is to also reduce 200 000 tones of greenhouse and other toxic gases emissions annually. “We are looking for investors, especially companies that pollute the atmosphere. The EzyStoves will surely reduce the pollution emitted from such companies,” she said.
The Climate Change Knowledge Fair, which kicked off on Thursday, 09 August and ends on Friday 10 August, forms part of the policy strategy of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, for the public to be aware and have access to accurate and up to date information concerning climate change. The fair will provide a platform for the public to gain more knowledge and information about the policy on climate change and interact with experts through discussions and presentations

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