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Swimming to save lives

Nadja Sternagel will endure the cold water of the Atlantic on 17 December when she takes on the challenge to swim from Long Beach to Tiger Reef in Swakopmund to raise awareness on cancer, covering a distance of about 17 kilometres.
Sternagel said she was motivated and inspired to participate in the “Swimming to Save Lives” campaign, after a family member was diagnosed with cancer.
“Unfortunately, the cancer has spread to the liver and by that time it was too late. It is for this reason that I decided to do the swim for cancer patients,” she added.
The swim will also be for her personal inner strength.
Although determined to successfully complete the challenge, Sternagel said: “This will be the most difficult swim in my life. I will be faced with many challenges in the upcoming weeks, coupled with the actual preparation for the swim, both mentally and physically.”
The swim is estimated to take at least six to eight intense hours, covering a distance of about 17 kilometres.
Preparation for the big day is in full swing. A small support boat guarded by her coach, Janis Steriages as well as a paramedic and diver has been organised and will be on stand by for any emergencies.

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