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Singer to take Hilton by storm

Singer to take Hilton by storm

Music song bird, Ann Singer will be performing her new compositions and originals from her much celebrated CD ‘Bullet Proof’, on Friday 14 April at the Hilton Kalabar.

Singer will spice up her performance with old and new school soul and R&B covers from Keisha White to Amelie Sande, and she might even give her audience a little taste of her new songs from the album she is currently working on. She will be accompanied by Danny Azangi on stage and on her new album.

Singer is the winner of Best Album of the Year, Best newcomer of the year, best Afro-Pop and best R&B song at the 2016 NAMAs. She has proven to be a breath of fresh air since releasing her debut album. She has very strong vocals and flawlessly transitions through the ranges, owing to years of vocal training by acclaimed musician, Berthold.

She has worked with Arafat, Taz and Solani Glo on her first album and every producer had their own sound and a different feel from the rest, so therefore she hopes the same for her second album, but does not want to relieve to much on it.

Entrance is free of charge and the show starts at 19:00 but is for over-18s only.

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