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Water minister appoints new NamWater Board

Water minister appoints new NamWater Board

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Hon John Mutorwa officially inaugurated the NamWater Board of Directors earlier this month.

The members of the Board are Ms Hilda Jesaja, the representative of ALAN, from the private sector, Ms Ndapanda Ashipala, a water engineer, Mr Michael Gawaseb, consumer lobby groups, Mr Sikongo Haihambo, business issues, Mr Joshua Kaumbi, legal matters, Ms Viviane Kinyaga, environmental affairs, Mr Thaddius Maswahu, Chairperson, marketing matters, Dr Anna Matros-Goreses, Vice Chairperson, environmental affairs, Dr Postrick Mushendami, financial matters and Ms Aino Nsinano the representative of NamWater employees.

The new board members include a representative of the Association of Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN), eight persons from the private sector who are selected based of their expertise and proven experience in water engineering, consumer interests, financial, business, legal or environmental matters and one representative of the NamWater employees nominated by the NamWater staff.

The minister confirmed that by 12 February this year, more than 120 people submitted their applications to be considered as board members.

“After a very extensive and very laborious, though critical and fair process of checking, evaluating and shortlisting, I have appointed these citizens of Namibia as members of the NamWater Board for a period of three years,” stated the minister.

He advised the board members to acquaint themselves with all forty five sections of the NamWater Act, Act 12 of 1997, as amended. The act is divided into eight parts, each dealing with specific issues relevant to the functioning of the funutility.

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