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Language skills and cultural exchange

Four local learners are on their way to an exciting four-week sojourn in Germany as part of an exchange programme to improve their command of German.
To promote German language tuition, the German government has developed a rewards programme through its Foreign Office, which is implemented by the Pedagogic Exchange Service of the Conference of German Cultural ministers. This year, approximately 480 participants are invited to Germany for a four-week’s stay. Amongst them are Saima Andreas(Tsumeb Secondary), Petelina Frans (DHPS), Nehemia Penehafo (Etosha Secondary) and Christopher Louw (Waldorf).
The four Namibians are offered the opportunity to participate in the programme and to get to know Germany and its people. The Namibian participants are selected by way of a competition, which has been organised by the Goethe Centre / Namibian-German Foundation for the past 25 years. “Within the meaning of international understanding, this is a great achievement on which we sincerely congratulate both the Goethe Centre and NaDS” read a statement from the German Embassy.
The student exchange offers excellent opportunities to establish direct contact with Germany, its language and culture and above all, the programme enables Namibians to meet prize-winners from all over the world. Through exchange programme, the participants are given the opportunity to participate in a cultural programme on a global level, and in this incident act as Namibian Ambassadors promoting Namibia, its people, and culture.
Last week, the German Embassy gave a farewell reception to the four Namibian learners, wishing them all the best in widening their horizons.

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