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PR institute celebrates 60 years as a self-regulatory body

PR institute celebrates 60 years as a self-regulatory body

The local committee of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa is hard at work for the organisation’s 60th anniversary which will be celebrated later this year.

The Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) was founded in 1957 in South Africa with a Namibian chapter registered some ten years ago.

In preparation of the upcoming anniversary and influenced by the understanding to keep abreast of changing needs in the market and member’s inevitable and dynamic needs, PRISA has re-structured and rebranded itself with a new logo, vision and mission to serve its members better.

“This is a befitting exercise as it talks to brand revitalization to make PRISA the de facto PR body that represents the broader communication profession. This is an important event in the foundation of the organization” stated Rhingo Mutambo, a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner and the chairperson of PRISA Namibia.

“Often times rebranding is misconstrued to be very similar in scope but drastic in nature. However, as PRISA rejoices in its 60th birthday Diamond Jubilee Celebration, it equally vows to up its game with new brand promises. We do so by taking PRISA to the next level as we continue to play a leading role to unite professionals and driving the industry transformation” he continued.

“To us this rebranding means a refreshed visibility, re-dedication, and engaging members in a more personal and exciting manner in 2017 and beyond,” he added.

Established in 1957, the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa has registered practitioners in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa. PRISA is also a founding member of the Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management.

This PRISA also celebrates 20 years of the PRISM Awards which are presented to public relations and communication professionals who have successfully incorporated strategy, creativity, innovation and professionalism in the public relations and communication programmes.

Pictured are the committee members of PRISA Namibia with Rhingo Mutambo (Chairperson) and Ilke Akwenye (Chair-Elect) in front and Joanette Eises (Treasurer), Sanet DeWaal (Secretary), Maria Dax (Executive Member), Laina Hakweenda (Executive Member), Samuel Linyondi (Executive Member) Frans Ugwanga (Executive Member), Joyce Shapumba (Executive Member) and Jairus Kapenda (Executive Member) behind them.

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