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No cash, no card, use GoPay Mobile to pay for fuel

No cash, no card, use GoPay Mobile to pay for fuel

The pump attendants at the Tal Valley Shell Service Station in Windhoek was the very first group to make use of a new point of sale technology to help their customers fill up their fuel tanks.

This week, the emergence of cellphones as point of sale devices was taken a step further by a commercial bank with the introduction of a digital, mobile payment system for fuel.

Bank Windhoek announced this week the launch of the GoPay Mobile Payment Solution for fuel purchases. The payment solution was first introduced to service station owners to get them on board, and this week, the system was made operational for the bank’s clients.

With over 80 fuel merchants signed up countrywide, GoPay will allow Bank Windhoek customers to pay for fuel, using their existing fully serviced CellPhone Banking platform.

Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director, Baronice Hans said in a statement that the GoPay product’s cashless withdrawals means no ATM fees for clients.

We have encapsulated innovation and customer centricity in our strategy to ensure we remain relevant and support our next level of growth in this competitive market, Hans said, adding that this new service also allows a client to pay for someone else’s fuel from the comfort of his or her home.

The easy, quick and simple to use system can be used on any cell phone model by dialing simple codes that allow for remote payments to fuel merchants.

Currently fuel merchants either accept cash, credit or debit card transactions for fuel purchases, but with the Bank Windhoek’s GoPay service, customers don’t need cash or cards.

The service is only available to Bank Windhoek clients and to make a GoPay fuel payment, clients must already be registered for full-access cellphone banking. All participating fuel merchants will have a sign on display that they are participating GoPay merchants.

“At Bank Windhoek, we believe in providing our customers with innovative, accessible and affordable financial solutions and we are proud to introduce our latest offering, the GoPay fuel payment solution,” Hans said.

Participating fuel merchants pump attendants will display the fuel merchant code on a card in their possession. As an alternative customers can visit the bank’s website for a complete list of participating fuel merchant codes.

Since it is such a new technology, the bank cautioned its clients to make sure they receive a transaction receipt with a reference number to validate their purchases.

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