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European winter not harsh enough to deter young diplomats from joining training programme

European winter not harsh enough to deter young diplomats from joining training programme

After six long weeks in the cold European winter, Namibian Diplomat, Elvis Shiweda returned from Germany where he attended the 41st Training for International Diplomats at the Foreing Office of the German Federal Government in Berlin.

Mr Shiweda is a Deputy Director for Asia in the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation.

Upon his return earlier in March, Mr Shiweda told the Cultural Councillor at the German Embassy, Mr Ullrich Kinne that the six-week programme was an excellent opportunity to get fast-tracked exposure to international diplomacy. Young diplomats from twenty differenct countries attended the 41st Training for International Diplomats.

“I was particularly impressed by the openness with which the lecturers dealt with sensitive topics in Germany such as the refugee policy or Brexit. The discussions with the other participants gave me the opportunity to exchange views and gain new insights into current developments in German foreign policy. The German language connected us.” He also stated that he was very satisfied with how the course is organised and by the curricular content.

The German Embassy in Windhoek stated that the German Government has provided further training for young diplomats from more than 170 countries over the past 25 years.

Course content and methodology are based on the needs of the participants and the professional demands for modern diplomacy. The topics cover world politics of the 20th and 21st century, international law and Europe’s attempt at integration. In the discipline of diplomacy, the curriculum covers current international and global challenges. Practical training is also conducted teaching the young diplomats how to talk, negotiate and engage the media.

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