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New committee leads public spinners for two years

New committee leads public spinners for two years

The Namibian chapter of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) has elected a new executive committee to serve its members and stakeholders for the next two years.

Ilke Platt-Akwenye, seated in the front row left, is the chairperson-elect for 2018. This was announced late last year. At PRISA’s first meeting for the year to elect their new committee, she was joined by Rhingo Mutambo, seated right, the incumbent chair, and Thabisile Mpumo, the President of PRISA.
The new committee comprises, standing from the left, Joanette Eises: Treasurer, Samuel Linyandi, Joyce Shapumba, Sanet De Waal: Secretary, Jairus Kapenda, Laina Hakweenda and Maria Dax.

PRISA President, Mpumo from the head office in Johannesburg, joined the new committee as guest speaker.

She said that the Regional Committee has a responsibility to provide a voice for the profession and to enhance its influence among PRISA members as well as non-members.

“Many people are not aware of the unique contributions that public relations practitioners make to the bottom line. There is a general lack of knowledge among employers and the general public about the fundamental purpose, scope of functions and responsibilities of the public relations profession. The new committee has therefore a responsibility to create this awareness and to act as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas on the practice of public relations.” she said.

Mpumo also spoke on the importance of public relations practitioners to belong to public relations professional bodies. “These bodies are important to legitimise and professionalise the profession by augmenting the public relations body of knowledge, improve its reputation and ethical standards and advance the profession through continuing professional development.”

She said that these bodies establish professionalism and credibility, emphasising that professional organizations keep members well informed and knowledgeable about the latest best practices and strategic plans the PR profession employs worldwide.

To achieve this goal, she encouraged the Namibian public relations practitioners to submit papers and case studies to the PRISA Website to advance the academic standing of public relations and its regard within the corporate and academic world.

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