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A Volvo for you

Sitting pretty, the voluptuous, smart and sexy Volvo ‘You Concept’.

Sitting pretty, the voluptuous, smart and sexy Volvo ‘You Concept’.

Ever wanted a car that’s cool on the outside and warm on the inside, something appealing to the eye and comforting on the inside, well Volvo has exploited technology and has designed a car especially for you.
Smart, hi-tech and sexy with curves in all the right places, the Volvo’You Concept’ is every man’s idea of the perfect car. First class craftsmanship was the order of the day when the ‘You Concept’ was created.
The front of the car has the familiar Volvo grille, the whole front end is curvaceous with a horse shoe shaped rise around the hood and a first in car manufacturing LED headlights is one of the hi-tech features on the car.
The ‘You Concept’ explores new territories in Volvo’s search for the ultimate car for the future. A number of touch screens are used to replace buttons and controls in order to make the driver totally connected and in control of the car. This technology not only gives the driver that Volvo ‘I roll’ feeling but also helps to create a refreshingly uncluttered interior.
The interior integrates the luxury qualities of a tailor made suit into the car, the back of the front seats and the door panels feature exclusive Italian fabric and design from the Swedish. The control centre in the ‘You Concept’ has four main areas, a digital Driver Information Monitor, a head up display on the windscreen, a touch screen on the upper part of the centre console and a touch screen between the two individual rear seats.
Volvo did not only think of the future when designing this car but also dipped a little into the past. The car’s doors open carriage style allowing easy access to the seats in the front and rear rows. The driver’s basic information such as the speed and map of journey are displayed on the steering wheel. The wheel also features some sensor enhanced panels, which one can use to adjust radio or cruise control settings.
A touch interface on the center console, uses an infra-red sensor to pick up any hand or eye movements before activating to bring up the system’s infotainment control mode, which boasts an unreleased Fresh Air sub woofer from Alpine.
The touch pads also allow the driver to surf the web, swipe through radio stations, check for safety alerts or control air conditioning, using only  fingers or customised gestures.
Volvo was bought for US$2.9 billion by the Geely Holding Group, a Chinese company. The You concept was made in China and was tested at the Shanghai Motor Show in April last year before it was shown in European countries.
The car is being shown around Europe and America to see how would be buyers like the car’s design and has not yet hit the shores of Africa.

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