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Ammonia leakage halts business at Meatco

Ammonia leakage halts business at Meatco

Meatco employees had to be evacuated from the plant on Wednesday morning following an Ammonia gas leakage at their Dispatch area, in Windhoek.

The company in a statement said as part of their emergency plan they evacuated all the workers from the plant to determine the level of damage at their cooling system as well as prevent employees getting in contact with the gas which affects the skin.

“So far 7 employees were exposed and 1 is in critical condition and were all rushed to Lady Pohamba Private Hospital Windhoek. Some of the employees are under surveillance for further check-up” the statement read.

According to the company, approximately 70 carcasses were affected and operations were halted for 5-hours with some areas still a No-Go Areas until further notice. Meatco together with Directorate of Veterinary Services will evaluate the effect of the ammonia to the carcasses.

“At this point we have not determined the extent of the damage, however the safety of our employees is a top priority and the factory was shut down and employees evacuated. As part of Meatco’s emergency plan the City of Windhoek was called in to assist in this regard. About 671 employees were in the plant when the incident took place,” Meatco said.

Ammonia is a colourless gas with a strong odour and is used as an industrial refrigerant for Meatco’s chillers.

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