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A cleaner Namibia is a greener Namibia – poster launch

A cleaner Namibia is a greener Namibia – poster launch

Ms Jacky Hambuindja (standing, centre) of B2Gold, together with the learners and teachers of the Ubuntu team at Delta School in Windhoek, displaying the new recycling awareness posters that were launched this week.

The poster launch has taken the annual recycling competition between schools in Windhoek to the next level, helping to prepare participating schools for the Schools Recycling Competition later this year.

The posters were launched, first at the All Nations Christian School and then at Delta School.

The design, production, printing and distribution of the posters are supported by Otjiwarongo gold miner, B2Gold Namibia.

The set of posters carry a core message for both adults and children: “A Cleaner Namibia is a Greener Namibia” using brightly-coloured wheelie bins keen to be filled with recycling material, as the motivational principle.

The poster for the corporate and business market sends strong reminders why it is important to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (the three Rs) – also in the work place.

“The B2Gold sponsorship enables the recycle forum to spread the message on the importance of the three Rs country-wide, and we are most grateful for this opportunity. This means that for the first time, we are able to encourage youngsters and adults across Namibia to rethink their actions – whether it is opting for reusable shopping bags, avoiding food items in heavy packaging or rather purchasing re-chargeable household batteries instead of disposable batteries” stated recycle forum Coordinator, Anita Witt.

The posters be distributed to all schools participating in the Schools Recycling Competition, and to other schools across the country.

Teachers who want to get the posters for their school teams can do so by sending an email to [email protected].

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