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Namsov partners with vocational centre to up-skill youth

Namsov partners with vocational centre to up-skill youth

Namsov Fishing Enterprises has invested a total of N$658,000 in education activities, during the academic period of 2016/2017.

The recent recipients of their aid last week in Arandis, which was done their social investment vehicle, Namsov Community Trust, were 20 students in the 2nd and 3rd year at the NIMT vocational centre’s around the country.

Chief Sustainability Officer and Namsov Community Trust Administrator, Tuna Willem said that, it is a rare privilege to be a part of a team of people and organisation that has the heart of the development of its people as an equally important agenda as profits.

“We have a critical agenda that is driven by commercial and social value and the symbiotic relationship that exists between them,” she added.

According to Willem their focus this year is to strengthen the impact of their activities by the continued sharpening of engagement efforts with key stakeholders and partners in education.

“A role that us alone, government, nor private can achieve alone. We also want to hear from our young people. Your voice matters, we must hear you but must build and act together. Our efforts were not built overnight and our approach is collaboration driven by leadership insights. These are the values and characteristics we seek in partnerships and leadership for change,” she added.

“Young people, please remember that it is not the responsibility of this bursary, NIMT or anyone to make your life a success, despite these commitments being made. Our role as private sector and Government is to provide enabling environments such as these to assist you in realizing and releasing your potential. Your contribution, is discipline, hard work and commitment to yourself to succeed in your programme,” Willem said.

According to the company, to date their support has spanned the breadth of Namibia by way of proactive support or requests and whose support can be broadly defined as: Bursaries – N$13, 5 million; General Donation requests – N$4, 8 million; Educational Equipment – N$1, 8 million; Operation Support – N$275,000; Prize Giving & Awards – N$375,000 and Teachers Training – N$226,000.

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