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Youth policy to receive grass root input

Jason Kasuto, National Youth Council consultant.

Jason Kasuto, National Youth Council consultant.

The Representative Council of the National Youth Council will host the National Youth Policy Seminar from 27-29 July in Tsumeb, with the hope to receive input from the Youth to review the National Youth policy which is already 3-years overdue
The seminar will be under the theme “Towards framing the National Youth Policy.”
National Youth Council consultant, Jason Kasuto said that the meeting will be used to “refresh thinking, chart new vistas in the youth policy development in the country and to reach an agreement  on youth development issues”
The Youth Policy is supposed to be reviewed every fifth year but is three years overdue, as a result of the process it takes to get input from stakeholders, explained Kasuto.
Adding that Youth from all over the country will be well represented as different youth organisations will be present.
Kasuto said that this is the first time that such a review is taking place and noted that there will be four pillars that will serve as the framework of inquiry: the youth civic and political participation, youth health and welfare, youth economic opportunity and youth educational skill development.

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