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Special Windhoek Lager qualities captured in new TV commercials

Special Windhoek Lager qualities captured in new TV commercials

The purity of Windhoek Lager is the Leitmotiv in the flashy television advertisement launched this week by Namibia Breweries Ltd in both Namibia and South Africa.

South Africa is the key market for Windhoek Lager where it dominates the premium segment despite being a relatively “small” beer with only about 5% share of the total SA beer market.

The TV ad’s core message “Don’t Compromise” carries the whole ethos of Namibia Breweries’ uncompromising determination to brew pure beer according to the German Purity Law, the so-called Reinheitsgebot that was promulgated in 1516.

This new integrated campaign based on true events, is a passionate story, telling how the award-winning brand which includes Windhoek Lager, Windhoek Draught and Windhoek Light took a bold choice to close its brewery in the 1930s, when the required quality ingredients were not available, rather than compromise on quality.

Windhoek Lager’s new TV ad takes consumers back to a time when the passionate craftsmen at the Windhoek Beer Brewery, unable to source all three of the essential ingredients, being the finest European Malted Barley, Bavarian Hallertauer Hops and the purest of water, halted production and refused to brew beer of inferior quality.

“This true and powerful story is testament to Windhoek’s commitment to brewing 100% pure beer. By bringing a part of our history to life and sharing this tale of dedication, integrity and passion, we give our consumers a small glimpse into the lengths the Windhoek brand will go to deliver on our quality promise. Adopting a ‘don’t compromise’ attitude is not always easy – it requires an unwavering commitment to never take shortcuts – no matter what the consequence” said Claudia Opperman, the Breweries’ Senior Brand Manager.

In addition to local Namibian TV channels, the ad is also flighted on on two Dstv channels, and can be viewed on YouTube.

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