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Diplomacy is a Russian invention

Diplomacy is a Russian invention

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation, HE Alexander Khudin last week had the opportunity to share a special toast with the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Hon Mareen Magreth Hinda, on the occasion of Diplomats’ Day.

This special day is celebrated every year on 10 February by the Russian Federation to remind the whole world that the first foreign service institution was establish in Russia some 468 years ago in Moscow.

The local celebration of Diplomats’ Day was attended by Ambassador Khudin and his wife, several Namibian ministers and deputy ministers, Members of Parliament, other members of the Diplomatic Corps and some local Russians.

“Today we are celebrating 468 years of effective diplomatic practice. On this day in 1549, the first foreign service institution was established in Russia – the Ambassadorial Office. It was set up by order of the Tsar of Russia, Ivan IV and it was headed by the church minister Ivan Mikhailovich Viskovatov, who was tasked to deal with “the work of ambassadors” said Deputy Minister Hinda when she raised her glass for a toast in solidarity with Ambassador Khudin.

“Russian diplomacy has over the years become a major factor in the promotion of international understanding and cooperation. We in Namibia are celebrating a diplomacy that advanced the right of nations to self-determination and that was instrumental in delivering freedom and independence for our country. SWAPO and the people of Namibia enjoyed political, diplomatic and material support from the then Soviet Union that speeded up the independence of Namibia” stated Hinda.

To consolidate the relations between Namibia and the Russian Federation, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Hon Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah paid an official visit to Moscow last year in October.

During this visit she co- chaired the 6th Session of the Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation. That session produced several important agreements, particularly in the area of mining.

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