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Hinda joins FNB boards as non-executive director

Hinda joins FNB boards as non-executive director

Advocate Gerson Hinda has been appointed to the Board of Directors of FNB Namibia Holdings Ltd as well as to the board of First National Bank of Namibia Ltd. He was welcomed to the board this week by the FNB executive management. He is an independent non-executive board member for both entities.

An enthusiastic Hinda said “I look forward to serve on the boards of FNB Namibia Holdings Ltd and First National Bank of Namibia Ltd. The board plays a vital role, acting as the focal point for and custodian of corporate governance. Although the board’s paramount responsibility is the positive performance of the company in creating value, in doing so the board has a responsibility to appropriately consider the legitimate interests and expectations of all its stakeholders. I look forward to join my fellow board members in exercising leadership, enterprise, integrity and judgment to ensure the business of the company continues to thrive, while monitoring the relationship between the company and its stakeholders.”

Advocate Hinda, born in Fransfontein in the Kunene Region, is a practicing advocate of the Society of Advocates.

His extensive experience and skill make him an ideal appointment to the respective boards, said FNB in a statement announcing the appointment.

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