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Talent development candidates off to SA for proper bank induction

Talent development candidates off to SA for proper bank induction

Monika Amukoto, Peter Amon, Abraham Ingo and Hileni Nehale are four Namibian graduates who joined FNB Namibia with stars in their eyes to follow a career in banking.

The foursome left for South Africa where they will join other graduates in the group in its Young Talent Development programme. The programme, consisting of induction and training in a range of banking modalities, covers the banking environment extensively. It covers a full year with the four gradauates scheduled to return to FNB Namibia only at the end of this year. The training is done at the FirstRand headquarters in Johannesburg.

Previous graduates sent by FNB Namibia to the group’s Young Talent Development programme have shown a high retention rate, many of them chosing to stay on their career track and remain with the bank.

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