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Meatco and Brukkaros share 1600 tons of Norwegian quota

Despite Namibia having suffered from a severe drought resulting in emergency marketing and declining herd numbers, the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development successfully allocated the Norwegian quota of 1600 tons for 2017.

In a Meat Board meat flash received this week the Namibian quota will be shared among two meat processing companies, Meatco and privately-owned Brukkaros Meat Processors.

Meatco received 1 400 tons, while Brukkaros Meat Processors received 200 tons.

According to the statement, both organizations indicated that they are able to utilize the quotas and the Meat Board said it will manage the quota. The Meat Board stated that exporters must indicate by 30 June how the quota has been utilized or how it will be utilized.

The Norwegian market is a small but very lucrative market that increases the profitability of Namibian meat producers.

Meanwhile, the Meatco Board said it is expects that the herd recovery phase will take at least another 2 to 3 years and other challenges that have affected the meat industry will have to be addressed during the course of this year.

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