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Orphans get a glimmer of hope with scholarship opportunity

Orphans get a glimmer of hope with scholarship opportunity

Orphans around the country will get a unique opportunity to further their tertiary studies through the Ashinaga Africa Initiative 2017.

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative, a non-profit organization from Japan, which focuses on educational and emotional support for orphans has teamed up with the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) to grant orphans the opportunity to apply for a scholarships.

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative mission is to contribute to Sub-Saharan Africa’s expanding role in global development by increasing access to higher education for young people and the NSFAF has been, recognised to facilitate the awarding and smooth facilitation of these scholarships.

The organisation provides orphaned students with full financial support for studying at a university abroad, including tuition, accommodation, travel costs and other necessary fees.

Hilya Nghiwete, Chief Executive Officer of NSFAF said, “It fills us with great pride as NSFAF that we can help facilitate the Ashinaga Africa Initiative 2017 in their pursuit to award scholarships to deserving orphans that want passionately want to pursue tertiary education”.

NSFAF will assist the Ashinaga Initiative in every possible way as well as the potential scholarship recipients, however,the final decision on the awarding of the scholarship lies with the Ashinaga Africa Initiative 2017,” she added.

To apply and be considered for the scholarship opportunity the potential recipient needs to fulfil certain criteria, and if successful they will be given the opportunity to study abroad.

According to Nghiwete, more than 95,000 orphans in the last 45 years have already received the necessary scholarship from Ashinaga Africa Initiative 2017.

To see the criteria and how to qualify one can visit and download the application form The closing date for applications is 28 February.

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative 2017 believes that everyone has the capacity to study, should be given the opportunity and the Organisation creates opportunities for orphaned children to ensure that through education they are on a level playing field. Everyone that meets the criteria is urged to apply and seek that scholarship and see what a difference an education can make in their lives,” she added.

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