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National Scientific Forum for Cuban professionals set for weekend

The National Scientific Forum will be held on Saturday, 21 January at the Windhoek Country Club, with a representation of Cuban professionals in Namibia, who will present scientific lectures related to their current work in the country.

The areas under focus at the Forum will include health, construction, architecture, planning and aquaculture.

The scientific lectures are going to be presented in English language and among the authorities invited are the Minister of Health and Social Services, the Minister of Urban and Rural Development and other specialists linked to those areas.

Deputy Chief of Mission of the Cuban Embassy in Windhoek, Fakri Rodriguez Pinelo this week told the Economist that the purpose of the forum is for Cuban professionals working in Namibia under government to government agreements present the results of their daily work in the country and propose ideas to solve the identified challenges.

According to Pinelo, there are about 120 Cuban professionals in the country of which the bulk are in the health sector.

We follow specific scientific research techniques to do the presentations and elaborate, on our conclusions. These scientific forums are a tradition in Cuba for professionals in most fields,” he added.

Pinelo added that the forum helps to keep the Cuban community linked to research and development in order to further improve their work in Namibia and their respective fields

He said that after each presentation there will be a session for discussions which focuses on what best solutions can be used to the challenges.

The beneficiaries of the forum, are set to be the local public for whom the Cuban professionals work for, be it in the health sector, fisheries , architecture and physical planning.

Meanwhile, Pinelo said this year this will be the 20th edition of the annual event and he is hopeful that the professions will get a better understanding of the country’s challenges and the conclusions reached will be able to address the existing problems effectively.

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