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Students embrace online financial aid registration

Students have embraced the new NSFAF Online Registration system that was launched last year in December, according to the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF).

As part of the IT Masterplan, NSFAF implemented new streamlined business processes and integrated numerous internal and external systems to optimize its entire operation.

The entire new Applicants Intake 2017 process has signalled a new era of efficiency and stakeholder service for the country

According to the fund, the new Student Application Intake 2017 based on the Loan Grant, Application Management Information System (LGAMIS), has seen constant and continuous activity since December 15, 2016. With raving reviews from the student users and figures to match.

The Fund recently said that in the first 24 hours the NSFAF Application Page was already used by 2.600 applicants. Some 66% accessed from computers, 30% from Smartphones and about 3% from Tablets. About 27% connected through MTC and 18% through Telecom Namibia plus several connections from abroad.

Furthermore, NSFAF said that 340.000 people between 16 and 25 are active on Facebook in Namibia and there have seen 46,000 individual website sessions for the online registration as well as 25,000 Online Registration website visitors, while 5,500 users had checked their eligibility for NSFAF funding.

Meanwhile, Thomas Müller, Chief Information Officer of NSFAF said, “The figures shows that the Youth of Namibia is very active on the Internet. They are online and Facebook is their platform of choice on which to engage and source information. NSFAF has used this to its advantage and created the Eligibility Checker right in Facebook Messenger as a so called “bot” to check their Eligibilitywhere they are and in the manner that they are used to”.

Müller said this has been a major operation for NSFAF and its staff. According to him, a team of 30 NSFAF-staff from all 14 regions and all departments of NSFAF were actively involved in the Intake 2017.

There were dedicated working groups such as the Regional Logistics and Resources, Campus Logistics and Resources, Awards Contracting & Customer Care, Marketing, Advertising and PR and IT Infrastructure and Devices. They all worked tirelessly to make the Online Application Process 2017 a success and available for those eager to study,” he added.

This is an extraordinary result for all at NSFAF to be proud of and demonstrates that Namibia and its State Owned Enterprises can deliver high quality, instant and efficient services to their stakeholders if they dare take the technological leap that is required,” he said.

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