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Aussie funding for water

The Australian government this week announced that it will continue to provide funding for water and sanitation projects in Africa.
Australia will partner with non-governmental organisations to deliver better access to water, sanitation and hygiene practices with additional funding of AU$97 million for the Civil Society, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene Fund said Ann Harrap, High Commissioner to Namibia.
“Water-related diseases claim the lives of 6,000 people each day and diarrhoea kills 1.5 million children every year. It is the second leading cause of death in children under the age of five. I am honoured to announce that the Australian Government will provide further assistance for less privileged communities to gain access to safe water, improved sanitation and improved hygiene practice,” said Harrap.
The Civil Society WASH Fund is a competitive grants program that will support civil society organisations to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene programs in Africa as well as Asia and the Pacific.
It will be managed by the Australian Agency for International; Development (AusAID). Grants for individual civil society programs are expected to be in the order of AU$10 million across four years. The implementation is expected to start in February 2013.
The funding builds on Australia’s original AU$32.6 million contribution to the WASH Fund, through which AusAID has been able to deliver access to safe water to more than 560,000 people and help 780,000 people gain basic sanitation.
Namibian Civil Society Organisations are eligible to apply for grants through the WASH Fund.

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