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Dorbabis community benefits from Chinese relief aid

Xinhua – The first batch of China Aid Food was distributed at Dordabis farm in Khomas Region, on Wednesday this week.

Namibia has been suffering from the drought in recent years, with the farming output decreasing and the people’s lives affected, with which the Chinese people empathize, said Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Qiu Xuejun while attending the food distribution.

Being good friend, partner and brother of Namibia, China would like to offer the help and stand by the Namibian government and people,” the ambassador said.

During the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Namibia at the beginning of 2016, China announced a food aid of 4,000 tons of rice to Namibia. The first batch of 500 tons of rice arrived in Namibia in late last December and the second batch of 1,500 tons will arrive soon.

Chinese Embassy will continue to work with the Namibian government in the reception and distribution of the food aid. This food aid embodies the Chinese people’s friendship and solidarity with the Namibian people and we hope the donation will help reducing the adverse effects caused by the drought in some degree,” Qiu said.

The officials present and the beneficiaries among the villagers expressed their appreciation to the Chinese government and people, and said this food aid was a timely help, which would definitely help relieve the food shortage.

I’m very glad to have China Aid Food, we are fortunate, we appreciate it,” said Morliga Rooi, community member of Dordabis farm.

The villagers also said that they will also make good use of the aid and will in the meanwhile try their best in food production by themselves.

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