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Change Project high priority for Law Society’s new council

Change Project high priority for Law Society’s new council

After the recent Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of Namibia, the new council was announced. The council for the period November 2016 to November 2017 consists of Ramon Maasdorp as Chairman, Johann du Plessis as Vice-Chairman, and ordinary members, Saima Nambinga, Doris Hans-Kaumbi, Melki Uupindi, Gaenor Michaels, Smart Elago and Meyer van den Berg.

The council continues the Law Society’s Change Project, which began during the previous council’s term under the leadership of Ramon Maasdorp, who now is the new Chairman. The Law Society identified fundamental changes taking place in both the local and the global legal landscapes. This required an appropriate response to prepare Namibian lawyers for the new environment.

Early in 2016, the Law Society council formally resolved to embark on the Change Project to create a workable platform for transformational change in the legal profession, based on well-researched evidence.

This project is the Law Society’s most significant since the current structure was introduced in 1995.

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