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Swimmers to take on the mighty Atlantic in the Jetty Mile

Swimmers to take on the mighty Atlantic in the Jetty Mile

21 December 2016 – The Pupkewitz Jetty Mile will take place on 27 December, with the main swim event set to kick off at 3.30pm at Tiger Reef.

Swimmers will take on the approximately one nautical mile (1.85km) route around the Jetty and finish the race at the Mole.

Event organisers, OTB SPORT said, “Even if sea conditions are extremely rough it is unlikely that event will be cancelled. Competitors (minors in consultation and agreement with their parent) need to assess for themselves whether they are capable of taking part in the sea conditions on the day. Competitors need to be self sufficient in the water as sea rescue is very limited and the rougher the conditions the more difficult a sea rescue operation is”.

The Sprint swim of 600m will take place in the more protected waters of the Mole at 4.30pm and at 5.00pm there will be a Kiddies Fun event, where children are accompanied by the parents or other competent swimmer and can make use of any floatation device.

OTB SPORT said that at present there were around 180 entries and they expected around 200-250 participants, but a lot depended on the sea conditions of the day.

According to organisers, the favorite for male category in the Jetty Mile, is local Swakopmunder, and 3 time winner, Phillip Seidler.

Seidler said, “I am looking forward to the annual Jetty Mile. This event is one of my highlights to end the year with. As a surfer and long distance swimmer, the ocean is my playground and every year it is a great challenge to adapt to the swell, wind and temperature of water. I’ve started this year to compete in open water 5km events in South Africa. I was very happy with my performance and good results.”

I have found my passion in open water swimming and long distance. Will surely take OWS to the next level. I am looking forward to participate in the Jetty Mile and shall try my best to defend my triple crown title,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the female category Toni Roth and Molina Smalley are favourites. There will also be N$34,000 in prizes and the first male and female in the Jetty Mile distance will each get N$1200.

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