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Giant condoms on termite mounds spread the Be Safe message.

Giant condoms on termite mounds spread the Be Safe message.

15 December 2016 – Holiday travellers from Windhoek to the coast is set for a big surprise – literally! A local ad agency, taking their cue from a client’s brief, has mounted gigantic pink and white condoms on strategically placed termite mounds along the holiday route.

“Every year, Namibians flock to the coast to let loose, strip down and have some fun in the sun. Travellers this festive season have been treated to a unique sight: giant pink and white condoms adorning the many termite mounds found along the main road to the sea” stated advertising agency, Advantage Y&R when they announced the bizarre campaign.

And the reason for the in-your-face giant condoms? To remind people to ‘Be Safe’… when the season starts to heat up.

The project was briefed by Commodity Exchange, and the concept is the brainchild of Advantage Y&R to remind people to Be Safe over the holidays. At the same time the stark visual markers create the first momentum for Commodity Exchange’s up-and-coming new condom brand, YOLO.

“Namibia’s termite mounds stand proudly erect along the roadside. Given their phallic shapes, they were a perfect fit for the ‘condom-billboards’ “ said the agency omitting to tell Namibians what phallic means.

All of the condoms feature a ‘BE SAFE’ message, as well as a #YOLOBeSafe hashtag to spark a conversation on social media, and create brand-awareness for YOLO.

Commodity Exchange is a 100% Namibian-owned, award-winning condom manufacturer and medical supplier based in Windhoek. They produce the new YOLO condom. The company received a 2014 Quality Award in New York from BID (Business Initiative Directions). The company is ISO accredited and their products carry the SABS quality seal.

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