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Training based on progressive improvement and testing

Training based on progressive improvement and testing

14 December 2016 – Career development at entry level has assumed a new dimension with the opening of Creatively Functional’s new Development Institute and Consultancy earlier in December.

The Development Institute’s manager and partner, Pam Miller, said “The main purpose of the opening event was to show people how training has changed with the two e-Learning classrooms and 30 internet connected computers, as well as a practical room and a library.”

The major attributes of Creatively Functional are that VET Levies can be reclaimed using the courses. Also, good vocational practices are followed that promote skills, knowledge and attitudes

“This means courses fit in with later qualifications and Recognition of Prior Learning can give qualifications” said Miller adding that 97% of the students have been found to become more engaged, excited about learning and eager to apply what they have learnt using the e-Learning process.

“We are now confident in our offering of adding to a win win. Synergistic and strategic partnerships are being actively sought with those who want to make a difference to the triple bottom line” she said.

A discount of 7,5% on the 2017 prices is an opening special for December. Details are on their website

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