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Young entrepreneurs exposed to grand opportunities through Youthia

By Zorena Jantze.

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12 December 2016 – Youthia, a new company engineered to create a revolutionary platform of empowering youth entrepreneurs has been making waves locally for it’s innovative ways to create new opportunities in the market for youth entrepreneurs in farming, innovation, artisans, producing, recycling, supply chains, retail and service providing.

Youthia Inc was founded in 2015, and is a global conglomerate of entrepreneurs called Youthians, and is headed by the visionary Founder and CEO Mandy Shemuvalula.

According to Shemuvalula, Youthia comprises of two platforms, namely Nudge and The Afro. “Nudge is a two-sided marketplace that allows youth enterprenuers to register as merchants to advertise their goods and services. Nudge is ensuring youth entrepreneurs are pioneering 24/7 service and delivery in the consumer goods and service industry in Africa.

Adding on Shemuvalula said, the Afro, is a currency that Youthia has created and is used exclusively to charge for and trade Youthia’s products and services. “Pegged to the United States’ dollar, the Afro is currently mobilizing and uniting African youth around a common economic thinking to develop a willingness for intra-continental youth trade.” Shemuvalula explained.

The young CEO said that the key objectives for Youthia is to to build a distinct and vibrant youth industry powered by a robust supply chain as well as to raise thriving, sustainable communities.

Youthia is a conscious organization that seeks to empower African youth entrepreneurs – at a profit. It is a company that embodies the heroic spirit of business. Youth development can no longer be viewed as an after-thought, but rather as the starting point to all business models,” said Shemuvalula.

According to an aspiring youth entrepreneur in the renewable energy space, Susana Mpinge, she accredits Youthia as not just a house but a home for her. “I call it a place where I can not only teach but also learn from the diversity. Youthia is the one thing that unites us as the youth and creativity gives us hope for a better future,” said Mpinge.

Furthermore, Shemuvalula emphasized that Youthia embodies the spirit of collaboration, progressive, transfer of ownership and pioneering for youth entrepreneurs. Youth entrepreneurs who would like to become part of the Youthia revolution can do so at:

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