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Punctuality – does it matter?

Dear Sir,
Of what value is an intact personal image today? Has this item’s value changed over the last decades? Has it decreased or vanished? One should think that an image has no worth whatsoever, if we look at how regularly it is abused or even destroyed by its owner. If the personal image indeed has become worthless, how important is the image of institutions, even governments?
Any personal image is made up of several components, not least punctuality and honesty.
The Europeans have clocks and watches, they have hours, minutes, days, months and years. We Africans instead have time. This is an African saying. It is said ‘tongue-in-cheek’, or is it? And what about the white Africans of European origin. Yes, you also have time, even if you own a watch and know about its use!
Punctuality is – or should be – part of our modern, organised life. This life is too short to waste by needless waiting.  Anyway, we should see waste, any waste, as a true form of corruption; by not being punctual, you corrupt the other one’s time. That may have grave consequences to him or you or to both!
I have to ask whether one may change arrangements of time and venue in our vast land without the consent of the other party. May one do that even without consulting the other party beforehand, or even letting them know? Even if the other one is not reachable by phone , [we must make] an effort to solve the situation. Not only Germans have the saying “One man, one word”.
Being a punctual, trustworthy person is an important part of one’s image.
Unhappy watch-owner
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