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Be alert

Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa) is warning the public about a new scam doing the rounds, purportedly from the financial regulating institution.
According to the institution, targeted individuals receive an attached certificate with a promise to transfer an amount of money subject to the condition that the individual pays “International Clearance and Duty Stamps”.
Isack Hamata, corporate communications manager at Namfisa warned the public not to be enticed by such offers as they are targeting unsuspecting individuals so that they may part with their money He urged the public to report such emails to the police.
Bank Windhoek has also warned its clients and the general public of a scam involving emails from fraudsters requesting clients to take part in a verification process, because of an alleged unusual number of invalid login attempts on their accounts.
The Bank would under no circumstances ask for clients’ personal information via email and any financial losses due to clients giving out information will not be compensated. Clients are to delete such emails.

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