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Top performers acknowledged by WesBank

Top performers acknowledged by WesBank

The top performing sales persons in the WesBank 2016 awards in a variety of categories were rewarded recently.
The various winners in the volume category included, Isak Eliaz of Pupkewitz Toyota, Jaco van Wyk of Avis Car Sales, Stefan Botes of Gobabis Toyota and illie Modler of Danlou Motors.
The winners in the value category are Jolize Barnard of Indongo Toyota, Schalk van Greunen of Indongo Toyota, Miller van Vuuren of Steckel’s Toyota in Swakopmund and Evane Storbeck of Exclusive Cars, while the Most Supportive F&I category was Zuraya Isaaks.
Elmarie Cilliers, Executive Officer WesBank Namibia – a division of FNB Namibia, thanked the dedicated sales people whose job, she said has not been easy over the past few months, as vehicle sales are drastically down from last year and new vehicle sales are down with 14,1%.
WesBank continues to drive outstanding service and providing value addition to customers countrywide in this time. “Dealers do subsidize deposits or portion of deposits with discount strategies and it becomes clear that people who do not have a deposit will either borrow or make use of the discount strategies. The credit act has thus had an impact on vehicle sales, especially on the lower end of the market. Dealers are also under pressure with some having to sell excess stock at cost price or even at a loss and that does not make good business sense,” she said.
According to Cilliers, WesBank believes that the market will turn around in 2018 but unfortunately some businesses might not survive these tough times.
“We will see the stronger ones take over or buy out smaller businesses. Businesses without cash flow will suffer or not survive. We foresee the used car market will improve and customers will again opt for a good second hand vehicle rather than the expensive new one. Wise borrowing to clients will be essential to ensure you assist and not just postpone the process. We will see customers cut down on expenses and less spending will take place. Should South Africa be downgraded it will have an influence on Namibia. I believe that good rain will influence our economy positively and that the market will slowly start to normalize,” she added.
Furthermore, winners of a campaign running from 7 September to 15 October were also announced. And were as follows: Winners are FNB Insurance – 11 months free – E Endjala; AJ Leijenaar – WesBank hamper; TL Itenge-Emvula – Auto Armor; VW Carpentry CC – N$500 fuel voucher; IT Puleinge – N$500 Fuel Voucher and HA Stanley – WesBank Hamper.

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