New National Quality Policy in pipeline

Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development in collaboration with Namibia Standards Institution this week facilitated a 2-day workshop that will culminate in the revision of 1999 National Quality Policy aimed at improving Namibia’s international competitiveness and lead to enhanced export performance.
Speaking to the Economist, NSI PRO, Joanette Eises explained that the National Quality Policy is a national document approved by Cabinet in 1999, that seeks to streamline the work of all quality related institutions and coordinate all elements of the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) to ensure the supply of quality goods and services for local consumption and exports.
“The policy is aimed at improving Namibia’s international competitiveness and lead to enhanced export performance. This will also support Small and Medium Enterprises to conform to national standards and comply with technical regulations thus supporting economic growth,” Eises said.
In his keynote address at the opening of the workshop, Deputy Minister of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development Hon. Piet Van Der Walt said that the 2-day workshop is aimed to comprehensively discuss, consolidate and finalize all comments and input received by the stakeholders.
“The discussions here today will go a long way in enabling the project team to finalize and submit the new revised National Quality Policy document for Namibia to the line Minister (MITSMED) before the end of December 2016,” he said.
Furthermore he explained that the decisions made during the two days will form part of the new National Quality Policy which will become the official national guiding document in the setup and operationalization of the national quality infrastructure and the technical regulatory framework.
“I’m confident that with all your expertise and experience Namibia will come up with a very comprehensive, modern day policy document which will address all pertinent issues necessary to make quality enhancement in Namibia a reality taking into account all recommendations received during earlier workshops held” he said.

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