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Scientific cooperation between Nam-Germany continues

Scientific cooperation between Nam-Germany continues

A fortnight ago a media reception took place on board the German research vessel “Meteor”, which docked in Walvis Bay to celebrate the long-standing maritime scientific cooperation between Namibia and Germany.
The event was attended by Hon. Dr. Peya Mushelenga, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation as well as H.E. Christian Schlaga, German Ambassador. The reception included an information briefing by chief scientist Dr. Kerstin Jochumsen on the scientific mission as well as guided tours of the research vessel.
The “Meteor” is a multidisciplinary research vessel operating mainly in high seas. She is owned by the German state represented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and registered in Hamburg.
Since 2013, the “Meteor” has been on a research cruise doing ground-breaking maritime research, including the area along the Angolan Namibian coastline.
According to Mushelenga, their work helps us to better understand the composition and reactions of the ocean, especially the phenomenon of upwelling (the wind-driven motion of dense, cooler water towards the ocean surface, replacing the warmer surface water) and the creation and disintegration of upwelling.

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