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Fish funds for more One Economy talent

Fish funds for more One Economy talent

“To enhance our efforts in making sure that “no Namibian gets left behind”, we need to address issues at their root causes and direct our development interests through collaborations such as these. They must not only end in charitable contributions. We must seek to ensure that our investment efforts unlock social and economic opportunities that will unlock the learning and earning potential for many more Namibians” stated Tuna Willem, Namsov’s Chief Sustainability Officer when she presented the First Lady’s One Economy Foundation with a contribution from the Namsov Community Trust.
Namsov donated N$250,000 to the foundation, matched by another N$200,000 contribution from Namsov’s parent, Bidvest Namibia.
“One Economy believes that access to education is one of the most powerful poverty eradication tools and an effective way of structurally reducing entrenched inequality” Willem continued adding that Namsov Fishing Enterprises in partnership with Bidvest Namibia continue to cement their investment for the academic and social development of the Namibian child. In this case it is by supporting the Talent Identification Programme of the One Economy Foundation.
“We commend One Economy Foundation for their innovative approach to address these social and economic barriers many of our talented Namibian children face. We take pride in supporting the Talent Identification Programme for this praiseworthy initiative that aims to build capacity in the Namibian basic education sector and supports the national agenda to become a knowledge-based society” said Willem.
“This support is in addition to our own past and present contributions we as Namsov Fishing and Bidvest have been making to the development of the Namibian people with investments such as these. It is against this back ground that Namsov Fishing Enterprises donates N$250,000 and Bidvest Namibia N$200,000. We wish One Economy the best of success with the talent programme. And more importantly the students who are going to take up this life changing opportunity. Let us continue to build the Namibian house” she concluded.

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