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Speed Badminton growing in popularity

The new sport of Speed Badminton requires players to be very fit and athletic.

The new sport of Speed Badminton requires players to be very fit and athletic.

Speed Badminton only arrived recently but a local coach is already having dreams of sending a Namibian team to the next world championship in 2015.
Introduced in December last year to Namibia, Speed Badminton is a young sport that is becoming more and more prominent says Björn Magg, Speedminton Partner for Namibia in a recent interview with the Economist.
The young sport, which only saw its  third European Championships in Croatia last month is, according to Magg, within potential grasp for the young Namibian players to compete at the next Speed Badminton World Championships.
Although Speed Badminton does not have an official club yet, there are plans to officially inaugurate the first ever Namibian Speed Badminton Club within the next coming weeks and efforts are currently underway to introduce the sport to more schools.
Despite being invented only in 2001, there are already more than two million players worldwide involved with the sport of which 3000 play at a professional level.
Magg said: “Speed Badminton is a very young sport. But Namibia can still catch up to world class level.”
Since its introduction, Speed Badminton has experienced rapid growing interest, says Magg
Speed Badminton is a fast racket sport combining elements of tennis, squash and badminton. As there is neither a net nor any specific surfaces required, it can be played anywhere and anytime.
“The secret is the shuttlecock which is heavier than a normal badminton shuttlecock and which glows in the dark, that is why Speed Badminton can also be played in the dark and in windy conditions,” states Magg.
He encouraged people to join the sport as participation is free and equipment  will be provided by Speedminton Namibia.

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