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UNAM Visual Arts Exhibition – eclectic collections for every taste

UNAM Visual Arts Exhibition – eclectic collections for every taste

Parents who dread that their children would follow a career in the arts can dispel their fears when looking at the amazing work produced by the arts students at the University of Namibia. The exhibition is on display at the National Art Gallery until 07 December 2016.
The Visual Arts Department at UNAM presents work by their students in the subjects; Art for Advertising, Ceramics Studies, Creative Expression, Fashion Studies and Textiles Studies.
This range of subjects makes for a vibrant and diverse exhibition as artists such as Regina Nyere invite viewers up the stairs of the gallery with her collection of fine patterned canvases made out of matchsticks with beguiling shapes and colours. The artist explains she has always been fascinated with straight lines. “Lines have always fascinated me, a line is a powerful element when comes to visual art. My sketches take a critical view of lines and shapes in Botswana basketry and mostly in Ngamiland. In my work, I deconstruct the line and illusion. Lines can create illusion and illusion can create lines.” she said passionately.
Textile Studies graduate Fallone Tambwe, also shared her passion for the arts. Tambwe which has an elegant yet youthful collection of dresses on display at the National Gallery explained that her passion for textile design comes from a young age as she worked as her mother’s assistant in making special occasion dresses, and tie and dye textiles for small local clients in Zambia. The artist who was awarded a Standard Bank bursary for 2016 said her textile designs are inspired by nature.
“Ever wondered what life in the sea is like? It is fascinating to imagine what it is like living under water. This got me thinking maybe it is a whole different life underwater and also a whole different universe in which everything is different from that of the land. The use of potato painting and tie dye techniques capture the little details of the skins of deep sea creatures, hence my fascination with detail and nature” she explained.

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