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Science Commission showcases innovative solutions

Science Commission showcases innovative solutions

The final solutions that were developed by student teams during the first semester of the Demola programme were recently showcased by the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST).
The Demola Namibia Final Pitch event, represented an important milestone in the country’s science, technology and innovation landscape and the event
The Demola Namibia semester I kicked off on 28 July 2016, with five projects each having five students, and one project having four students only, giving a total of six projects and 29 students.
Student teams worked on real challenges set by project partners, including companies like Telecom, Namibia Standards Institute (NSI) and FNB Namibia. During the three month project period, the teams worked tirelessly to turn ideas into concrete demos, with the support of NCRST facilitators and the tested Demola tools and processes.
After the Kick-off event, the teams were taken through different training sessions, jams and pitching events, which helped to sharpened and prepare them well toward a path of making concrete demos.
“I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our project partners for firstly, trusting in the Demola process by providing us with the challenges, and secondly, for availing their valuable time, while working together and co-creating with the Demola Namibia teams until the end. I wish to congratulate all the students who formed part of the Demola teams for this semester. I hope you learned a lot while having fun, and you will use this experience in your future endeavours,” said Dr Eino Mvula, CEO of NCRST.
The next Demola semester will start February 2017, and we encourage a larger number of students to apply for challenges received from the industry, which will provide an opportunity for more students to gain the much needed exposure and experience from co-creating with industry experts.
Demola Namibia is a platform for international collaboration and local hands-on innovation work. It will facilitate co-creation projects between businesses, university students and researchers. It is a collaborative open innovation platform concept where university students develop product and service demos together with companies, and create new solutions to real-life problems.
Demola provides systematic tools and processes for entrepreneurial co-creation and practical co-learning of students and professionals. Demola is also a platform for agile collaboration of regional universities and business organizations. Through the Demola platform multinational companies will be encouraged to experiment and find business solutions or opportunities in Namibia.

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