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Lightning blinds Omaere telecomms

A lightning strike earlier this month at Omaere between Gobabis and Buitepos, ignited a fire at a Telecom Namibia equipment site, leaving the area without communications.
All landline, Internet and mobile voice and data services at Omaere and adjacent farms and settlements are down as a result. These include TN Mobile, MTC and Directorate of Civil Aviation services.
An investigation by Telecom engineers and technicians indicates that the fire was triggered by a lightning strike which caused extensive damage to the site.
Telecom Namibia said in a statement this week, the damage runs into millions of dollars as the expensive equipment and wiring have been charred completely including the equipment container.
“We hope to get the site repaired and services restored within the next three months. Given this, Telecom Namibia has put in place interim arrangements for affected customers.
Telecom now uses Call Forwarding of affected numbers (voice and fax services) to an alternative destination as decided by the customer. Telecom further provides affected broadband customers who are within the TN Mobile coverage area with TN Mobile devices.
“We understand this is a difficult time for our customers in Omaere and surrounding farms and urge affected customers to contact us if they would like to be assisted with the above interim arrangements. Such customers are free to contact the Teleshop in Gobabis on (062) 566300.
“Telecom Namibia’s priority is to return to normal service levels as quickly as possible in Omaere. We thus appeal to our affected customers to kindly bear with us as our engineers and technicians are working around the clock to restore services.”

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