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Leadership training for women for free

Leadership training for women for free

“We have started a programme called Women Leadership Training which trains women to become successful leaders and successful businesswomen,” said Shaanika Nashilongo, founder of Monica Gender Based Violence Solutions.
After conducting some preliminary research, Nashilongo said it became clear the majority of leadership positions are filled by men. This provided the motive for starting their own Leadership Training programme specifically targettting women at grassroots level. He hopes to change the leadership demographics.
“Most women in Katutura can not afford leadership training as it can be expensive. For this type of training, they have to pay N$1000 per day, that is why we have decided to give them this training for free for the duration of the year,” he added.
Nashilongo emphasized that they at the Monica Gender Based Violence Solution know that “women will one day rise into strong leadership, therefore they train women without looking at their political background or religious beliefs just as long as they are able to help produce the future leaders of the country.”
Monica Gender Based Violence Solutions helps and involves both genders in the fight against violence, with the ultimate aim to eliminate gender violence altogether. “We face a lot of challenges at the organization but we plan to bring gender violence to zero percent in Namibia and in Africa, to educate Namibian people on how to avoid becoming perpetrators or falling victim of gender violence and how to fight it.”
He therefore invites people from all walks of life that need advice, counseling or any help to come to them especially women that are facing difficult times in their life.
Nashilongo said the organization is called Monica Gender Based Violence Solutions because of the First Lady’s focus on identifying the root causes of violence and eliminating it.

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