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Shipanga in CAF awards Selection College

Shipanga in CAF awards Selection College

Brave Gladiators head coach Jacqueline Shipanga will have a crucial say in the 2016 Glo-Confederation of African Football (CAF) awards as a member of the third Electoral College in the newly expanded network of voting with the constitution of the electoral colleges.
Shipanga, whose technical expertise has been widely used by CAF and FIFA at numerous occasions, is a member of the 20-member Panel of Experts (journalists and TV consultants) which also have other Southern Africa experts like Mark Gleeson and Velile Mbuli, both from South Africa.
The Glo-CAF 2016 awards Gala will be held on 5 January 2017 in Abuja, Nigeria. Shipanga expressed her appreciation for being part of these historic awards and said “This is something very special to me. Something I would cherish forever. These are continental awards and for me to be involved at this high level means so much. Will do my level best in my contribution.
This goes to show the impact of our development and exposure. Thank you NFA and CAF for the trust and belief”.
For the two main awards, the African Player of the , Player of the Year-based in Africa, all four components of the Electoral Colleges will be involved in the selection process which has been classified into two phases.

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