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Konecranes inks Dundee deal

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb recently signed a service contract for two years with the Konecranes Cape Town branch, to undertake necessary repairs on their cranes.
The immediate repairs include getting the cranes up to standard as soon as possible. This meant refurbishing the old cranes at the Receiving Bay and the Slag Mill cranes. About half of these repairs were carried out during the Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb annual shutdown in June and the remainder will be spread over the rest of the year and early next year.
“We will use our own RailQ and RopeQ inspection system on two big gantry cranes”, said Markus Labuschagne, Regional Manager Western Cape and Namibia of Konecranes. “We will also be placing a permanent supervisor on site,” he added.
The ‘RailQ’ Runway Survey is an advanced survey technique that uses a remote controlled robot trolley which runs along the rail which the crane routinely travels on (called the runway), collecting and feeding information into a specially designed station survey instrument. Any information on misalignments of the runway, missing clips, worn pads or uneven, bent or twisted sections of the runway structures is processed by Konecranes’ analysis and visualization software. This allows Konecranes to survey the runway in a faster, safer and more accurate way. Time savings can be up to 75%.
The ‘RopeQ’ checks the state of the inside and the outside of the wire ropes. “We are very happy to have a good working relationship with such a prestigious company as Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb,” said Labuschagne. Konecranes provides productivity-enhancing lifting solutions as well as servicing for cranes and hoists of all makes. The Group has 12,100 employees, at 626 locations in 54 countries, including ten branches in South Africa, one in Mozambique and the shared Western Cape Namibia branch.

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