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Training people for a better life

Founder of Arts Mastery Consultancy (AMC) Otto Kapuka, said that his firm is committed with the development of people as people are a cornerstone of any developmental state.
He said this recently in an interview were he said his firm would like to create a thinking culture among Namibians as well as to engender inspiring a personal mastery culture. Kapuka said that AMC offers learning and coaching solutions that are tailored for specific organizations, individuals and suite of approaches that have been proven effective across the globe.
“We focus on Human Capital Development and we see human beings as an asset to bring about development within our country,” he added. Otto said starting your own business is not for the faint at heart. “It is stressful and pretty much demands your complete focus, but on the plus side, it can also be a fulfilling experience professionally and personally, therefore do a self inventory because not everyone has what it take to start a business,” he added. Otto emphasized that it is not to say that your idea is not excellent it is just means that you may not have the personality traits to handle beginning a business of your own, therefore he advices that before devoting any time or resources, evaluate yourself and see if you have some typical traits of an entrepreneur. Otto stated that, AMC is a 100% Namibian owned institution and he and his team come from a background where they understand most of the challenges which are holding back people from realizing their full potential in reaching their goals. “Through our quality and individualized services, we strive towards working closely with our clients at tapping in an individual’s internal resources as well as external resources,” added Otto. Their mission and vision is to empower every Namibian from all walks of life to gain personal development towards the fulfillment of their destiny at personal, national, regional and international levels and to be Namibia’s leading platform in Developing Human Capital. “Our holistic approaches to training, facilitation and coaching include aspect of the mind, body, environment, emotions and eventually the person’s behaviors, when people are in an environment that supports positive emotions, they are free to be productive, collective and innovative,” concluded Otto

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