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Pay back the money

Pay back the money

This is an open letter to all the people who owe me money to kindly give it back. Times up! As the year nears to an end, it’s about time people start paying their debts, I have plans to go to the summer house festival and Sossusvlei in December therefore I need it back. There are people who owe me since January, and my patience is past its due date.
I don’t want to sound or get bitter over money, you know what really gets my goat? When you lend money to someone and then you have to become a nag by constantly reminding them to pay you back, that’s not my job. If you promised to pay back my money why should I be running after you for something that is due to me?
I’m also writing to all those people who beg you to do something for them and promise that they will pay you back. If you ask someone to do something for you and the agreement was that, you were going to pay them, then pay the money. It becomes so frustrating that you start questioning their friendship, and I am starting to realise that some people are just friends with you, in case they need money, they are nothing but clean looking beggars, its a shame.
Common scenarios : “dude, help me out with N$200, I promise to give it back to you on the 15th” or Please design something for me and I will pay you, please its urgent” or dude, I forgot my wallet and please buy me this trouser, I will e-wallet you, don’t worry”. And when time to pay up they come up with all these funny excuses such, “I didn’t get paid yet, or “I had your money yesterday but something came up, don’t worry l will make a plan” or “ Jenny owes me money tell her to give you the money she owes me”.
Why borrow people money in the first place? There is a first time for everything, and being the loving and caring person that I am, I lend people money confident, that I will get it back, after all most of these people who asked me for money or asked me to do something for them are people that I know and didn’t expect anything less from them.
But as the months went by, I still haven’t seen a dime come back. The most annoying thing is when they go MIA or they pretend like they don’t owe you anything. If you owe someone money and you don’t have it, its better to tell the lender you don’t have money than just keeping quite. Plus I only borrow money to someone if I know they really need the help and I can go without the money, but I expect it back when I need it.
I know how it feels to owe someone money and the person keeps on harassing me for it, and yet I don’t have the money to pay them back. But I always make an effort to pay my debts on time even if it was just N$50. People who don’t make an effort to pay you back are ungrateful, and rude. An I don’t understand how they have the nerve to spend money, buy new clothes when they owe money for months , I find that very disrespectful.Yes I have thought of just blowing it off, letting it be and not think about it ever again, and just imagine that I gave the money as a gift. Unfortunately I am not the founder of Trutsco Holdings, and neither do I drive a Bentley.
In conclusion , its simple, pay the money back. Just as it is easy to ask for something it should be as easy to give it back. And before I forget Martha last week you asked me to e-wallet you N$70.00 for aweh and you promised to give it back to me in cash the next day? My aweh is almost done please kindly bring it back I need it, thanks.

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