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Werner makes comeback with Surreal Exhibition

Werner makes comeback with Surreal Exhibition

Talented artist Hangula Werner is back on the scene after being absent for over five years. With his new exhibition “Hangula Werner Surreal” on show at the FNCC art gallery, he has bounced back into mainstream art. The mobile exhibition roam to other major towns throughout Namibia.
Surreal consists of truly surreal canvases, guaranteed to take anyone’s mind on a trip as the pictures are hallucinogenic, unique and sometimes a bit out of this world.
The artist celebrated his 41st birthday at the opening of the exhibition saying “It has been five years since I last exhibited any of my works in a solo exhibition. I have moved away from exhibiting in collaboration with other visual artists. Not because I don’t appreciate their work but merely to give my audience space, time, and enough personal connection to feel Hangula Werner. I also intend to move this exhibition to a different venue again. Be surprised!”
The title of the exhibition “Surreal” celebrates forty years of Hangula’s imaginary world. Hangula explained that to capture an audience’s attention and to best reflect one’s creative input to a viewer, an artist must be able to create an experience. “And this is what I aim to achieve at this exhibition” he said enthusiastically.
The majority of works are ingenious creations mixing images of birds, fire, earth and wind. These elements, he explained, connect all his work. Hangula noted that he loves the elements, and he loves birds, using the combination of these elements to create space within a piece of art. “I enjoy making people feel like they’re taking off and flying. I also enjoy playing with the idea of space, using landscapes, structure and lines to transport the viewer into the picture.” he explained.
Hangula’s break from exhibiting came about because his family was expanding after he got married and became a father. While he had been working on different projects that include commissioned art pieces and murals, he said “I was living life with those that I love most and my love of art was ever-present, but I didn’t realize just how much I missed the time to just paint”. When he started working on this exhibition his thoughts started returning to himself. This is when he realised he needs to create again, and this time he created Space.

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